Gros Ventre 2022 Sonoma Coast Brut Rosé and First Hellos

December 2023

We believe that, after first hellos and hugs, the best way to start off a gathering is with a glass or two of bubbles for everyone in attendance. Can’t say we’ve ever explained WHY we do this. But we do it regularly. So we thought we’d pause and reflect on why starting with bubbles pairs so well with our palates and our spirits.

The reasons are both practical and sensory. Serving order effects how wine interacts with the palate. Because sparkling wines are fresher, crisper, and lighter in body than still wines, they should be the first in the progression. (exception – sparkling wines pair beautifully with dessert).

But there are also intangible reasons for starting with bubbles. Being welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine feels like a celebration of itself… of being somewhere new, gathering with people you care about, of abundance and joy. The sound of the cork popping and the visual sight of bubbles floating upwards all contributes to a general feeling of happiness and anticipation.

And sparkling wine pairs beautifully with so many firsts, from nuts, to cheeses, to oysters, caviar, onion dip and warm potato chips… we’ll stop there. Our mouths are watering.

We hope you and your guests enjoy the Brut Rosé with many warm hugs and greetings this holiday!


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