February 2024

We took this photo the morning after hurricane force winds and 4 inches of rain hit Healdsburg. The gap in the trees is where a hundred-year old oak toppled onto another big tree, ripping through the brush and tearing up the land. It was sad to lose the trees, but there’s a silver lining… now everyone can see the lights in the valley.

The rainbow is a symbol of hope, transformation, and gratitude. And so… we’ll share our gratitude for this moment in time. Gros Ventre wines received their highest scores ever last month, and Chris is enjoying lots of accolades at Limerick Lane, too. Business is great. We haven’t had a fire here since 2021! (knock knock) And as we continue to do more tastings personally, we’ve felt a strong kinship with so many of you during your visits to the winery. You really are amazing people! Thanks for adding to our lives in so many ways.

Chris and Sarah

A rainbow after the big storm