April 2024

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the vines are growing noticeably every day. It’s perfectly beautiful April weather, and we’re thrilled to be introducing three new wines as part of our Late Spring release. This will be our last release until Harvest 2024.

We’re unveiling a new Pinot Noir vineyard as part of our 2022 Sonoma Coast appellation blend. We can’t disclose the name, but we can share that it is a prime West Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir site situated in the Occidental area of West County, shrouded in fog, a few miles from the ocean. This proximity to the coast allows for a slow, elongated ripening — ideal for Pinot. The addition of this vineyard to the blend triangulates the main geographic areas of the West Sonoma Coast, complementing our Campbell Ranch and Baranoff sites and adding a new level of freshness and cool climate intensity.

Also in the lineup is the 2023 Chenin Blanc from Clarksburg. These grapes were grown in sandy, silty soils on an island site, surrounded by the water of the Sacramento River Delta. It’s a hot region, but the Delta is famous for its daily rush of fog from the San Francisco Bay that permeates the vineyard in the morning before quickly retreating. This fog keeps the grapes relatively cooler, balancing out the daily dose of sunshine. Chenin Blanc, with its great ability to retain natural acidity, is perfect for this low-lying river region and the resulting wine shows off this variety’s best attributes to the fullest.

After a 2 year hiatus due to frost and fire in the El Dorado (Placerville) region, it brings us so much happiness to be able to re-introduce the 2023 El Dorado Vermentino. We get this beautiful fruit from Barsotti Vineyard (from where we also source Gamay), a renowned high elevation site that has been farmed by Chuck and Ron Mansfield (Goldbud Farms) for decades. The vineyard is geographically situated in a dip that creates a pool of cold air. This, combined with its 3,000 foot elevation, allows for a slower ripening and creates an elegant, aromatic flavor profile. We love this wine!


the wine world is a small world

We live on a little lane in Healdsburg called Benjamin Way. Recently we were introduced to a new neighbor, Cyrus Schultz, Wine Director at local Michelin-starred restaurant Cyrus (they share the same name, by coincidence). We were very surprised when, over small talk, he mentioned each of the varietals in an older-vintage Gros Ventre High Country White. We discovered that he served Gros Ventre at Benu under Master Sommelier Yoon Lee (a really nice guy, by the way), went on to pour Gros Ventre at French Laundry, and brought our Campbell Ranch Pinot on to Cyrus Restaurant’s opening list. All these years, we had never met. Later, we had to pause and reflect on this moment. To have a sommelier serve our wine at so many different world-class restaurants over so many years, and know our wine so well, means a) we’re old and b) we’re blessed.

Visiting Cyrus (the restaurant) is worth a trip to Healdsburg – it’s an architectural marvel with incredible views, but the food and hospitality are what make it special. Cyrus runs an outstanding wine program, but his laid-back vibe speaks to his Hawaiian upbringing and aloha spirit. (we love it when people who have every right to be snooty are just the opposite) At the moment, our 2022 Rancho Coda Fiano is on the nightly pairing menu, and mini verticals of our First Born and Campbell Ranch (2014 – 2017) are available on the bottle list. Cyrus said, “I’m extremely grateful for these gems to find a home on the wine list.” We’re the grateful ones. Mahalo, Cyrus!

(Check out Cyrus at cyrusrestaurant.com, and if you go, tell Cyrus hello from us)


We are, as always, so grateful for your support and enjoyment of our wines.


Chris and Sarah